Necrophilia - Sex with Corpse
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Necrophilia - Sex with Corpse

Sex according to many or may I say, majority, is the highest enjoyment in the planet. But the unsatisfying nature of sex leads to the uninterrupted series of encounters. Sex with same sex was recognized, adult sexually attracted to children or pedophilia, and zoophilia – the practice of sex between humans and animals.


Sex according to many or may I say, majority, is the highest enjoyment in the planet. But the unsatisfying nature of sex leads to the uninterrupted series of encounters. Sex with same sex was recognized, adult sexually attracted to children or pedophilia, and zoophilia – the practice of sex between humans and animals.

Necrophilia is a psychiatric expression for a pathological sexual attraction to corpses. It is a very rare and unwell understood phenomenon.

Legends with necrophilia themes are common throughout history and the concept of sexual interference with the dead has been known and abhorred since the ancient Egyptians, as noted by Herodotus (484 BCE -425 BC approx):

"When the wife of a distinguished man dies, or any woman who happens to be beautiful or well known, her body is not given to the embalmers immediately, but only after the lapse of three or four days. This is a precautionary measure to prevent the embalmers from violating her corpse, a thing which is actually said to have happened in the case of a woman who had just died." (de Selincourt, translation, 1972, p.161)

In Psychopathia Sexualis, in 1894, the original work of Richard Von Kraft-Ebing, one of the first psychiatric writers called necrophilia a horrible manifestation of sadism.

Abraham A. Brill published the first comprehensive study of the subject in 1941, characterized necrophiles as mentally deficient, psychotic, and incapable of obtaining a consent partner. Necrophilia has been linked with cannibalism and vampirism as all are considered perversions.

In the British Journal of Psychiatry in 1978 by Neville Lancaster, reported a case of a 23 year old student of music at teacher’s training college in England. The student was convicted of the murder of a young woman and was sentenced for life imprisonment. He admitted that he had broken into mortuary and had sexual contacts with female corpses on different occasions prior to the murder. The student was evaluated with an IQ test and found no evidence of mental illness and had a normal romantic relationship with a music teacher. The authorities found out that he was a necrophile, who desired to have sex with corpses, therefore decided to kill female victims and engage sex with a fresh dead cadaver.

In 1989, two dedicated psychiatrist, Jonathan Rosman and Phillip Resnick review 122 cases demonstrating necrophilic acts or fantasies. Both distinguish true necrophilia and pseudo-necrophilia from the different cases. They classified true necrophilia into three types: necrophilic homicide – murder to obtain a corpse for sexual pleasure: regular necrophilia – the use of already dead corpse for sex: necrophilic fantasy – just fantasizing sexual activities with a cadaver without carrying out any necrophilia.

The pseudo-necrophilia has a transient attraction to a corpse but the corpse is not the center of the sexual desire.

According to Rosman and Resnick, neither psychosis, mental retardation, sadism appears to be inherent in necrophilia. The best motive for necrophilia is in possession of a not-rejecting and unresisting partner. Necrophiles choose occupation with access to corpses.

Many psychologists, psychiatrists, and researchers psychoanalytical explanation for necrophilia and both Rosman and Resnick developed an empirical model to get a rich understanding of how psychodynamic events could lead to necrophilia: (1) The necrophile develops poor self-esteem, due in part to a significant loss;(a) He (usually male) is very fearful of rejection by women so desires a sex object who cannot refuse him; and/or (b) He is fearful of the dead, transforms his fear – by means of reaction formation – into a desire for the dead: (2) He develops an exciting fantasy of sex with corpse, sometimes after exposure to cadaver.

Extreme Cases of Necrophilia

Ted Bundy, an American serial killer, killed numerous young women across the United States between 1974 and 1978, he eventually confessed to 30 murders total victims unknown. Bundy would bludgeon his victims, strangle and engage in rape and necrophilia.

Edmund Kemper – The Coed Killer

Edmund Kemper, from Burbank, California started his escapades at a very young age. He mutilated two of the family cats and caught playing with his sister portraying death rituals. He was shipped off to his father twice as he keep on returning back, till finally he was sent to his grandparents in the foothills of California’s Sierra’s in the farm.

At a young age 15, he shot his grandmother and stabbed her repeatedly by a kitchen knife for not allowing him to go with his grandfather to the fields. Ask for the reason why, “I just wanted to see what it would be like to shoot grandma.”

In May 7, 1972, Kemper picked up two girls from Fresno State College while hitchhiking. He brought them to a seclude place and stabbed them to death and sexually abused the corpses. He took the bodies to his mother’s place, dissected them and played with their organs and took Polaroid's. He buried the bodies at Santa Cruz Mountain and tossed the heads into a deep ravine in the road.

In September, he picked up a 15 year-old-girl, suffocated her and raped her corpse. He took her home, just like the others, dissected the body and buried it next to Boulder Creek. In January 1973, he picked up a student from Sta. Cruz, forced her to the trunk and shot her. He raped the corpse before bringing her home, where he dissected the corpse, bag it and tossing it off at the cliff into the ocean at Carmel.

Less than a month after picking up two women and shot them to death, he raped both headless corpses. Their mutilated bodies were dumped into Eden Canyon. This time he turned his rage towards his sleeping mother. He beat his mother to death while lay sleeping in the bed with a claw hammer. He followed this by decapitating her and raping the headless corpse. He finished by taking the larynx and dumping it at the garbage disposal.

He was convicted of 8 counts of first degree murder, and asked what punishment you like, he replied….”Death by torture.”

Received 16 August 2000; accepted 10 November 2000.

This report presents the case of a young man legally convicted twice on a charge of defiling the dead. All necrophilic acts were committed over a period of around 15 years. The examination results revealed a purely female-fixated necrophilia. In three cases, the perpetrator skinned the trunk of the corpses, placed the skin on his naked body and that stimulated him sexually. In several cases, he also used burial clothes that he had removed from the coffins and kept at home. The perpetrator had a long record of psychiatric treatment for his sexual inclination.

These are just some of the recorded cases of necrophilia, a deterrent example of unsatisfied behavior. The psychiatrists and psychologists endless study of such behavior of mankind and its mysterious mind contributes deep assertion why such unearthly actions are committed. The unsatisfying nature of the human being also tends to lead us that we are by nature happy. But we are searching amiss.


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Comments (25)

Sheesh, whatever rocks people's boats eh? Another good one Ron, I wait with baited breath for whatever comes next !!

one of the weirdest human sexual behavior

Heard this one but not this detailed ugh... So weird human behavior indeed :( Good post re tweeted!

This has always freaked me out. Did you ever watch Autopsy, a show with Dr. Michael Baden, he's a forensic pathologist? There was a very odd case of a doctor who treated a young girl with tuberculosis back at the turn of the century, and created a doll from her corpse and lived with her as man and wife, strange indeed, it takes all kinds. His name, I believe, was Dr. Von Kossel.

No doubt, one of the most bizarre and psychotic acts one could commit. I don't this is acceptable in any culture through the centuries upon centuries of our human existence. Risky content, but well written and an insane reality. I don't even wonder what would inspire this behavior, but it happens. Great write on a very weird and macabre scenario.

Excellent write Ron very informative and intriguing. I write horror because the human mind will never cease to fasinated by the unknown and I fully admit that is what kept me glued to this page as well as your writing abilities. The people who do this sort of thing are beyond sick in the head and need to be locked up for a very, very long time if not indefinate. You definately have my vote and tweet!

Another great post, kabayan. I remember one female actress from Cebu with the screen name Claudia Zobel if I was right. She died in a car crash and rumored to have been sexually molested considering she had been a sex symbol in Philippine Cinema by then.

Sorry, I was signed out.

I am so disgusted with this...yuck! How can anyone do this kind of stuff? There has to be a mental problem involved.

Definitely a deep, black look into the behaviour of mankind. I wonder if animals do this? I think not, they would only do cannibalism. I should think some woman has done it (as Rosman and Resnick said mostly male) Women aren't wired that way though unless they are driven by a male who told them to do it for his own sexual gratification. Interesting even though it leaves me with more questions about human nature than I started with.

This is certainly a hard read. I had no idea that Ted Bundy actually raped his victims after they were dead. I thought he ate them... maybe I am wrong on that.. but I thought he did eat them. It's hard to believe how totally deranged people can be to sexually abuse a corpse.. or to kill to rape a dead victim... that is just so nuts.

Revisiting and a great thanks for everyone, its treasured.

Thanks Rowan.

wow, creepy but interesting read! Thanks Ron

Thanks Kim for the comment. Thanks Charlene for the vote.

This is so creepy, sex with corpse ,stumbled it up

How I wonder why some people turn horny over a dead body. :(

Thanks a lot Anuj and Shafi.

Very interesting post.

Thanks Martin.

Wow, this is certainly creepy. Great research sir about the subject matter, its the first I've across about the topic.

Thanks Macherie.

Very disturbing, but interesting (and gross!).

Yes it is Beth, thanks for the comment, appreciated.

I've always wondered what it would be like, so I finally tried it!! I loved it so much, I now have a new hobbie :) Her skin felt so delicate and cool. I loved the coldness of her satin blouse against my skin when I was kissing her. She didn't stink, she smelled like powder and perfume. I really enjoyed myself!